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Form Data Capture

  • Paper forms data capture to Excel, CSV and database formats.

  • Web forms data capture to Excel, CSV and database formats.

Data Conversion

  • PDF to MS Word conversion (simple & complex page layouts).

  • PDF to MS Excel/CSV conversion (tables & lists).

  • PDF to Adobe Reader fillable form.

  • Paper documents to SharePoint web-based document libraries.

  • Data cleaning, transformation & conversion to new data set.

Form Template Development

     Form Design for Data Capture

  • Paper form design for OMR, Barcode & OCR applications.  #

  • Web form design for online & offline data capture.

    Scan Template & Post-Scan Program

  • Development of OMR scan template for paper form data capture.  #

  • Development of post-scan customized data conversion & statistical reporting.

  • Development of post-scan data upload program for integration to database system.

# For all users of Remark Office OMR (ver. 7 to 10)

Services & Training

  • OMR System     -  OMR form design, MCQ test scoring & grade analysis.

  • Web Form          Design, deploy and host e-Form & PDF form online.

  • SharePoint        -  Setup & user training on cloud document management.

Design & Print

  • Design of self-printing flexi OMR form with user-defined variable data (inserted into each form with text and barcodes) for pre-printed customized header data.

  • Design & supply of carton boxes & special print products.

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